Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rain ...

It’s noon …
The sky is as black as night
And rains are pouring
It feels like a cleansing rain
The kind of rain
That floods the heart to empty the soul
The kind of rain
That falls like tears
And makes things whole.

It’s noon …
The skies have opened
And mercy is pouring down
Love is falling all around
The mist brings a
Newness to the air
All is crisp and bright
And there is hope
For dreams to be born
For visions to become clear.

It’s afternoon …
There is a rainbow
The rains have ceased
But has left wonderful
Things in its wake
Hope springs eternal
Dreams are bursting
Through the now
Fertile soil
Love is blooming
From the freshly
Watered plants of
Hearts that are
Lighter for the downpour …
The unleashing
Of the cleansing power
Of nature’s tears …

It was noon
It was raining
Now …
There is peace.

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