Thursday, May 28, 2009


I realized after I named this blog that the title actually belong s to a Michael Bolton song, but that’s okay … at least I’m in brilliant company.
What I’m referring to here is the sometimes soppy way that the ones who love us worry about our welfare.

I have to travel today to get home … no riding home with ‘THE BIG H’ as my mom calls the man of my dreams, and I have been mandated to do the following:-
1. Exhaust all avenues of getting a ride home
2. If no one is available, please be careful getting to the main street
3. Careful choosing cabs and cab drivers
4. Call as soon as I get to my door

Now you would think that I have never taken public transportation before – right? Or that I’m probably 12. I love the fact that ‘H’ worries but sometimes I feel that he’s worse than Mother Hen. What did he think I did before he arrived on the scene?
Isn’t it wonderful to be treated like a precious gem? It’s like a door opened and let the light in and suddenly, there is someone who is able to see our TRUE worth.

So it is when our Heavenly Father looks at us; he worries about us because he loves us…

The sad thing is that we do not ourselves take the TIME to look at ourselves with LOVE or with TENDERNESS. The truth is that we really do not have to look very far to see ourselves in that light. We have only to look into the eyes of those who truly love us. We look so good that we sometimes doubt our own reflections.

It’s not that our Loved Ones see us as blemish free or truly pure. What it is is that they see us as we truly are – human, with quirks and foibles. The difference is that we tend to be extra hard on ourselves, and they are more than willing – in most cases – to give us the benefit of the doubt, just as we are willing to do for them.

What a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.

Take the TIME to see yourself as the precious gem that you really are. Look at yourself through eyes of LOVE for yourself and treat yourself with TENDERNESS. It’s the least that you can do for YOU.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Future Is Liquid...

… and changes with every decision that we make…

It may sound strange but it actually does make sense. There is nothing about our lives in this realm that is carved in stone. Yes, the destination has been mapped out by the Master, but the journey will still be filled with twists, turns and plot changes.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you were 100% sure of the path that the path you were on was the correct one, only to be blown completely in another direction?

That’s what I mean when I say that the future, like a running river, is liquid. With every mind shift, every doubt, every affirmation and declaration that we make alone this journey, we change the pace, the players and the flow of the rhythm of our lives/futures.

We are the mapmakers of our lives, even though there are times when we need to be nudged back into place by celestial hands. The basic premise is that we are in possession of FREE WILL, and that’s what makes the difference between us and the other animals. We CHOOSE the paths that we walk; we select the peoples – for the most part – that we share our journeys with. Ours is a charmed existence, even when we don’t feel that way. We are the Chosen … the ones made in the image and likeness of our Creator … we are the creations with thought processes and common sense, even though there are times when we seriously need to wonder where the common sense has gone. It’s still there, just under-utilized.

Life is such a beautiful and priceless gift to us all; yet we find ways to make it all so difficult.

As I wrote to good friend this morning, watch the shifting tides and the waters, and you’ll see where you’re heading.

Live in the joy of the knowledge that life is a journey scripted by you but directed by your Creator…

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Hope You Dance ...

Dance is often used to illustrate joy. The fluidity of movement and freedom of expression lend themselves to helping us in the celebration of all that is good in live.

There are times when the dance of joy comes easily to us; just as there are times when finding something joyful to dance about is virtually impossible for us to do, so frozen are we in our pain, sorrow, disbelief – whatever it may be…

What we need to understand is that we encounter backbeats in every aspect of out lives. Yes the music of happiness is what really captures and holds our attention, but the music of sorrow and sadness is right there as well, and while the tune may not be as sweet, or the beat a little more melancholy, we need to listen as intently and learn therefore to dance in these times as well.

This is the real challenge – to dance because of heartbreak, and in spite of it. The proof that we are indeed true dancers comes in the solos that we perform to the dirge in our hearts, to the unco-ordinated heartbeats that accompany the wholes left there when we’ve been hurt. When we choose to twirl to the throbbing in our brains left there by disappointment; only then can we truly be called dancers to life’s music.

There is a song that was made popular some years ago by Melissa Ethridge called Dance Without Sleeping that expresses what I mean in the following lyrics:

Dance without sleeping
Dance without fear
Dance without senses no message I hear
Dance without sleeping
Dance till I'm numb
Dance till I think I can overcome

The Dance of Life comes in different acts and phases, the joy, the uncertainty, the disappointment, the sorrow … all integral parts of our humanity…

I wish you the strength to hold on in the storm; the smile that radiates from a heart that’s bursting with thankfulness; the inner peace that comes from knowing that all is right with the world; and in all things…

I Hope You Dance …

Friday, May 15, 2009

When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes...

I sent the above affirmation to the one who holds my heart this morning and even as I was hitting the ‘send’ button, I was wondering whether we ever really listen to our inner beings.

Our hearts speak to us in so many ways, and speak in clear concise voices, yet statements are constantly made by people saying that they should have listened better when their hearts said yes, no, stop, go – whatever …

Could it be that these clear but small voices are too small, or is it that we are so surrounded by the soundtrack of modern living that we have forgotten what it it’s like to take the time to be still and focus …

Our hearts are responsible for our lifeblood’s movement throughout out bodies; therefore, our hearts receive messages from every area of our beings. It stands to reason then that our hearts would have a pretty good idea as to what it is that we’re really feeling, as well as what it is we really need and want … yet we rage against the advice offered, by the heart, to the heart, for the heart.

We need to make a conscious effort to listen; to be still and to know that we are being counseled for our own good. Should we pay attention, we would find that our existence would not necessarily be as difficult as we’ve been programmed to believe. We would find the flow of days and moments to be smoother and more agreeable.

Our hearts tend to speak only when necessary and usually in an attempt to stop us from hurting ourselves, or to point us in the right direction.

Our hearts are also the residences of our Higher Powers, and as such there in lies the intercom to our souls and Saviours. We tend to ignore these whispers as well, yet we accuse then of non-communication because we refuse to be still and just BE, in order that we receive what we need from our Source.

All we need to do when we hear that voice or we get that feeling in our inner cores is to grab our pens and take really good notes.

It’s worth the effort – I promise…

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To The One Who Holds My Heart ...

I love you.

I love you now like I’ve loved you for lifetimes past and yet to come.

I loved you when you were my father and I loved you when our roles were reversed and I was your husband…

There have been so many love stories between us, so many joys … so many tears, and yet we are drawn to each other lifetime after lifetime - like rainbows to the sky after the storm has passed.

I love you.

I love you even when you infuriate me wit your standoffish behaviour. I love you when you work my last nerve with your wisecracks one day and your silence on the next.

My love for you has given you the control over my personal weather patterns – you bring me my joy … can be responsible for my pain and are the catalyst for my silent contemplations. Your love for me makes me easier to be around, happier than I have been and freer to love you more.

I love you.

That’s all there is to this, and that’s all there needs to be to this…

You are my heart … you have my heart…

Always in All Ways,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Build ...

We build our dreams apart from each other
In the hopes that they will align
When we come together
We build our lives being sure to make room
In our constant evolution
For the ones who hold our hearts
We build our hopes on rainbows
That bridge the distance between
Our reality and our intent
Our truths are constructed
From the innuendo that springs
Out of the contact we have
With our perspective partners
With the people we meet and
Dare to dream that they
Would agree to be our friends
We spend our lives building
Those erector sets presented to
Us at birth – gifts from the fates
The fates being the same ones
Who delight in sometimes reeking havoc
And throwing lightening bolts at us
Knocking our tentative efforts
To the ground
We build constantly –
Our hopes, dreams, truths and aspirations
We may not always know the ultimate destination
But our search for happiness drives us
Yet further to build and build and build
We do so at a frenzied pace
Anxious to get to the point
Where we can say “That’ll do” …
But are we ever really sated
Or do we stop when we belive
We have accomplished what was fated
We build each other up
And break each other down
We build for hope and glory
We build for love and comfort
We build with each other … we build for each other
We dream and we build and we search until
We come upon the one…
That one who we were searching for
The ‘You’ in our ‘You and Me’ … the ‘Them’ in our ‘We’
The one who causes us to build in
The hope of finding the missing brick
The lost puzzle piece
The one who holds our balance
The music to our dance
The dance we dance as we build our
Castles in the Air…

Friday, May 1, 2009

Astral Connections...

In that wonderful place between slumber and consciousness

In that magical midnight witching hour

Your spirit finds mine and awakens me

To the wondrous delight of your astral ministrations

With fervor and heat and an urgency sweet

You arouse the dormant needs that flow through me

The want that inflames me the desire that moves me

And you feed me with the good, sweet

And intoxicating things that only your aura brings

You capture me with arms made of gossamer

And kiss me with lips made of mist

Everything about you feels so solid and true and strong

But you’re not really there

I am surrounded by your essence

The truest sense of your being

Yet physical vision causes your image to flee

I see you trough astral eyes

Through the vision of

A woman in love with her man

A woman at ease with going with this particular flow

One who is being made love to in the highest form of adoration

With the sweetest tenderness on that soft, silk wrapped cloud

Known as Astral Splendor

Our spirits meet … part and meet again

Our coming together a moment of mutual pleasure

In a place where time has no value

Soul to soul, yet skin to skin

We love on a plane where you penetrate

Not only my willing body but you make love to my

Ever expanding mind

My open surrender to you is matched

Only by your willing acceptance of me

And vice versa

Together we explore the many levels of astral pleasure laid out before us

Over and over and over again until our spirits can do no more

But explode into faceted crystal pieces falling gently to the earth like rain

As we disconnect from the silver cord that held us in place

As we loved the night away

In that secret place known only to you and me

On the Astral Plane …