Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heart Ramblings Too ...

My heartstrings are tuned

To your tone now

You call to my heart

And you answer me

When I summon you

There is no need for words

Between us – not anymore –

Your beautiful mind

Harkens to mine…

My heart explodes

Like so many

Roman candles

As it comes to grips

With the pain truth

And the truth is

That I am humbled

By the depth of

Your love for me

I am blessed that

You chose to bless me

I am thankful

That we are here

In this time

In this place

Together … as we

Have been in lifetimes past

And grateful that we’ve

Found each other yet again

Through the mists of time …

So long have we

Waited to one again

Connect as one – as we …

So long have we

Searched for each other

So that we can once again

Say to each other

“I love you

those three words

have my life in them”…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart Ramblings...

I miss you
I miss your spirit
And your smile
I miss your warmth
And how it envelopes me
I miss the security
That your solidness brings …
I miss you.

I have no one to chat with
No one to eat with
No one to be silent with
No one to just BE with…
I miss you.

What are you up to…
What have you done…
Have you even thought
About me and just how much
I miss you?

I miss you
And in missing you
I have learned something about me …
Your presence is dear to me
Because I like you
I miss your smiling face
Because I care for you
The absence of your aura
Around me leaves me cold
Because I love you.

I miss you …