Friday, May 1, 2015


REALLY?? FRICKIN REALLY???! There are days and times when I am amazed by the beauty and brilliance of my people. And then there are days like these … when I wonder what happened to common sense, intelligent thoughts and really, really bad decision making skills. No I’m not just shooting off at the mouth. I am going somewhere with this. There is actually a method to my madness. I am actually speaking of the Leave of Senses currently being articulated by the Leadership of my party regarding my hometown – Diego Martin Central – and our representative for the past seven years, Dr Amery Brown. Doc, as he is known in these parts, and beyond, is a ground roots man … a man of the people, who happily picked up the mantle of representation seven and a half years ago, ad has done just that – REPRESENTED Diego Martin Central (DMC) in the best possible way. Doc has, on more than one occasion, left his home and family undone, to be at DMCs beck and call be ye PNM, UNC PP, whatever ... once you need him he puts on his cape, and gets the job done. He has been there in fire and in flood, in displacement and in the basic needs of our people, in our as well, in rallies and in meetings case in point, at the Tru Valu car park in Diamond Vale on the night when his son was about to be born. As our Member of Parliament, he has gone above and beyond any written or recorded description. And herein lies my confusion. How is it that a working MAN OF THE PEOPLE is now being ungratefully ad UNCEREMONIOUSLY KICKED TO THE CURB?!! And why are we sitting by on our hands and doing nothing about this? Dr Eric Williams – the founder of the PNM and the father of our nation – was a man of PRINCIPLE, of JUSTICE n of PEACE. He founded the PNM as a platform for right, and truth … for the people who believed and still believe that hard work, truth and Pride in Self and Country had its own reward. How then are we able to abide with the few who represent the many and LET THEM LEAVE DOC (note the similar nickname with greatness) IN THE DUST? And should we allow this to happen then what example are we setting for the youth of DMC and the nation? We have long told them that hard work and enterprise is the way to gain respect, office and the ear of their peers and the nation? If it is that Doc has done all of the above and then some, and he is now being disregarded, is it that the rules have changed? We bemoan the generations behind us for wanting everything, and wanting it yesterday ... yet a man who is a living breathing example of a Principled and Purposeful life is treated like just so much garbage what example are we setting? Is it that we are now saying that get in, get rich and get out is the new status quo - a la the PP? I need to state here that I am a Proud, Card Carrying red-brown & yellow bleeding, Balisier-scar-healing member of the Peoples National Movement. I attest that I could not wait to get my first National ID Card so that I could dip my finger for the Party, because I will forever be grateful for all that was done for me, for the equal paying field that Dr Eric Williams opened up for all of us, be it educational, professional, tertiary education or employment opportunities. I believe in the basic principles and tenets of the Party, and I believe as well, that the PNM is the only true political party in Trinidad and Tobago and are therefore uniquely qualified to run this country. Now, don’t get me wrong --- we too have our problems. Nobody and nothing is perfect, but God. That being said, you cannot at this point of my life dress a pig in a suit with a Balisier tie and tell me to vote PNM. I’m a grow ass woman who has been observing all that has been taking place with the executive of DMC, their web of lies and deceit, their need for control and their inability to get Doc to follow their vindictive agenda, and I am not prepared to sell my soul and conscience for my party card. I am not prepared to take leave of my common sense to prove Party loyalty. My loyalty is to the one who serves and to the party that has been served, not to this unrecognizable band of sycophants who have axes to grind and scores to settle and are bleeding the good in order to advance an embrace the malleable and mal-intended. I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I may be the only one who is willing to speak up and that’s fine too. It is interesting that our current leadership is willing to lend an ear to people whose intent is indeed questionable, but ignores the voice of the grass root movement. Woe be on to those who see the wrong and sign on to their page. Humility has gone out the window … along with patience, sensibility, and on some level, justice. My PNM people – wake the hell up, and see the not-so-hidden agenda that is playing out before out eyes. It is happening in the daylight, so don’t wait to look for it by candlelight! Stop the insanity… end the maliciousness and BRING BACK MY PNM!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It is sad, but it is true she's gone... We’ve been asked to announce the following death… CREATIVITY IN MAS MAKING died on Mardi Gras 2015. Creativity was in a comatose state since 2008, but finally gave up the ghost yesterday. Creativity leaves to mourn her children: Wire Bending, Bead & Pearl Placement Masters, Tailoring, Mas Camp Helpers, True Designers, Common Sense and Creativity Jr. She was the aunt of Swimsuit Makers, Online Order Placers, Carbon Copy Mas Makers, and Bra Tops and Head Pieces MADE IN CHINA. She was the very good friend of Sailor Mas, Pan Mas, Baby Doll, Jamette, Jab Jab and Devil Mas, Kiddies Carnival, Minshall and Macfarlane Mas, Lee Heung and Edmund Hart Mas, not forgetting Wayne Berkley Mas. The funeral of the late CREATIVITY IN MAS MAKING takes place on Ash Wednesday morning at 10AM at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, thence to the banks of the East Dry River for cremation. NO FLOWERS, BEADS, RHINESTONES OR FEATHERS BY REQUEST…

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The state of my heart The state of my mind The state of my soul The state of my body I am here, naked before you You, my world … the world Vulnerable for all the world to see Open to your mockery To your pointed fingers To your jeering laughter As I try in vain to hide my true self Covering my heart and my head This is the state that you YOU have left me in This is where you walked away As soon as you have seen What you wanted to What I had hesitated to show I find, however, that I am not alone And He has come in and covered me He has moved my hands away And spread His love all over me And I am adorned in rainbows And clouds, and joy and peace And love, and light and smiles I am no longer naked You can leave now … the show is over Your apologies are hollow Just like the lies that they are built up on Go away … you who have used and abused The inner me, the inner sanctum that You have vandalized in the name of “CARE” Your words were sweet, at first Now they burn … they burn my ears I see them and I cringe I need for you to leave I am clothed, I am free I am no longer violated You are no longer welcome You will never, ever again See me Naked.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


That place where souls sit and wait For the last few miles to fade before Their dreams come true That corner of the desert where mirages appear Taking your focus away from the goal at hand Mirages that offer sinfully, delightful promises Promises that you know are impossible to keep But promises that reach your soul none the less The people who suck the energy out of your dreams And the bed where you lay the now empty shells In the hopeless hope that they would spring to life Again That place in the mind where you have put yourself Through your constant inaction From your ever present lethargy Caused by your doubt Fed by your indifference Borne of your fear Fear of all that is Imperative… The need for change which happens through Movement Caused by faith Pushed by knowledge That the only constant is The same change And change of all --- Mind-set, atmosphere, surroundings, ALL THINGS All of the things that have Kept you were you are Swimming in the stagnant ooze Of a swamp called Stasis

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Have A Right To My O'PEN'ion...

So if I am to understand tonight’s news reports properly, the goodly PM and cohort would now wish for the 5th Estate to pass all stories written for publication to the “Principal” for prior approval and editing??! Seriously? Really??? I know that I’m not word for word at this point, but this is the ACTUAL meaning of the PP’s statement of dissatisfaction with the media’s reporting. I find the situation laughable, since so many reports are already being shuffled in the newspapers like the proverbial deck of cards in order to allow the government to come up smelling like roses. The thing with decks, particularly Tarot decks, is that eventually, the Joker will indeed turn up. The Joker, or the Fool in Tarot decks, is the first card in the deck and the first Major Arcana or High card. It represents Individuality, New Expression and New Beginnings requiring Wisdom and courage. It is a symbol of Carefree Thought and Living, Impulsiveness and Enthusiasm. Think the Honeymoon period of the current government. This card, reverted, however, is indicative of Childishness, Recklessness, and a Lack of Motivation and Common Sense. BOOM!!! And we’re back… I wonder if the goodly powers that be are able to recall the fact that the supposed GIANTS of “Journalistic Fortitude” jumped ship to supposed greener pastures upon the election of the PP and went to work in the ‘Halls of Power’. Did it occur to the official mouthpieces that their propaganda machine is broken?? Their Magicians or Cobblers – another Tarot reference – who represent Creativity, Imagination, Willpower, Confidence, Communication and Skill are no longer standing ‘right side up’ because the nation is no longer willing to believe. They are inverted and showing layers upon layers of Indecision, a Weak Will and the blatant misuse of skills and powers. This is nothing but an excellent reflection of what is taking place inside the annals of government. Thanks to the actions of the Justice card, the citizenry have become aware of the Imbalance, the Insincerity, the lack of Harmony, Equilibrium and Indecision. The one thing that I know about Trinidad is that it is a small town divided between two islands, and everybody knows, is acquainted with or related to someone who works somewhere that information – significant or otherwise – is disseminated, and as a wonderfully comical result, every spun story that is released, is in one way or another, reversed, releasing the truth. There’s basically nowhere to hide. You can do what you want, the truth will out. It would be fun, and at the same time frustrating, to take the time to list all of the flaws and wrongs that are screaming at the populous on a daily basis, but I don’t have the space, time or inclination to do so. I will mention the need to cook the murder and other major crime figures and shift them to page 8 or some other forgotten page in the press; the misuse of governmental facilities and equipment by ministers – prime and otherwise; the fact that no one seems to be worried about the fact that our National Security Minister CANNOT TRAVEL BEYOND OUR BORDERS; the inappropriate behaviour of members of Government who sit in the upper echelons of Power. That being said, could this band of ill-equipped and power hungry ‘heads’ really believe that cutting the occasional ribbon is going to in some way trump stories that they create just by being themselves? Really??? These are the same people who harshly dealt with their predecessors in the very said media, and the media more than willingly acquiesced at the time. Did they think that by rewarding the ELDERS by presenting them with juicy salaried positions and perks, thereby rendering them toothless pit bulls that the juniors would resist the need to rise up and do their jobs? Why does a small country like ours require a STATE OPERATED MEDIA HOUSE, when we had a Department of Information that functioned and functioned rather well? Why do certain stories go to certain media houses while others are left in the dust to cypher what is taking place nationally? Please be advised that MATT stands for Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago, and not Floor MAT, so desist from attempting to walk on them. They know their job and they do it well. So, you don’t like your image in the media … so what? That’s YOUR responsibility, not theirs. They put out what you give off. Therefore, change YOUR IMAGE. Live your posts and cease from being fodder of legendary comedic proportions. Take heed of what happens when you attempt to strong arm a nation and laud if over the people (thankfully and proudly not me!) who put you where you are. Twelve to None much?? The people of Tobago rode the Chariot AWAY from you. How dare you attempt to tell them what they need, where they can and cannot go and then take Trinidadians to Tobago to campaign on THEIR behalf???! Not so! Our fortunes are constantly being spun on a reverted Wheel of Fortune, leading us down a path of failed enterprise that gambles daily with our lives and livelihoods. We are in stasis, financially and otherwise . The only thing that I wish for at this time is that the rest of us LEARN from ‘Bago, instead of settling for the life of the inverted hanged man who swings in futile sacrifice and selfishness, fiddling idly while Rome (well, Port of Spain) burns … while governmental buildings and campuses sit in idle incompletion as these ‘champions of the people’ SPITE the former government, as if they can’t get it through their Neanderthal-like skulls that they are simply spiting a nation by allowing their ‘friends’ to earn rent from government offices. Grease-hand much???! It is time for us to start acting our ages and not our collective shoe sizes. Hopefully and prayerfully, we will do that soon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


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