Friday, April 27, 2012


Sometimes, we have moments in our lives when we experience humanity in all of its truest and, at times, meanest form. We step on each other’s feelings, make each other cry,, stab each other in the back … generally act like the antithesis of who we really are destined to be. Why? We do it in the name of achievement, in the name of getting ahead … we even call it destiny at time, forgetting that we have in our own quest, squashed someone else’s God-given destiny. We forget that we are basically the same person … we are one body, really, and as such, we are mandated to treat each other with respect, kindness and love. Never forget where you’ve come from, no matter how supposedly grand the achievement. Hold fast to the values instilled into your soul by your parents. Take care of the little ones around you – the young, the weak, the infirm. Do good and good will attend you. The moment we begin giving more than is actually required, that is the moment when we reap the benefits due us.

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IndyLee said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for writing this xx