Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love the way you caress my body, and I find it adorable the way you get upset when I refer to my lumps and bumps. It’s amazing how you worry about me and worry when I’m not one hundred per cent. You’re a very caring person, and it’s cute the way you try to hide that fact beneath the gruff exterior. Your eyes make me beautiful in my eyes, and that’s major. No girl has ever been as important as I am to you when we’re together. You’re accepting of me as I am, but you don’t like what you refer to as my negative self-talk… Here’s the thing though … I am. I’m not being negative when I talk about my lumps and bumps or even when I talk about the size of my ass or breasts. You know why? I've lived in this body all of my life, and I've watched it morph into all the different sizes and shapes that I've been. As a result, I have an intimate relationship with every bump of cellulite, every extra fold that occurred because of changes in weight and the shift of gravity. I know every pimple, every scrape every scar … I know why they occurred and I remember when. I have fond and not so fond memories of skinned knees and bruised feelings. I haven’t lived in this beautiful temple for all of these years without knowing her and knowing her well. She loves attention, but it must be positive and loving attention. She loves being touched but it must come from a place of admiration and care. She blossoms under attention but that attention must be honest and not force. To quote someone’s lyrics, my body is a wonderland. You’ve been privileged to be allowed through her gates. Enjoy the wonder of me …my soul and the temple that hold her lovingly. Enjoy the treats that have been offered to you, and when the time comes for you to leave, be sure to genuflect and give thanks for the opportunity that was gifted to you. I’m no longer a giggly girl … I have become a woman and I know what it means to be appreciated for the woman that I have become… Love me or leave me, just do not deceive me … some sins just cannot be tolerated… Hearts and flowers, Me <3 @);---


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Trinitee Sees said...

I would be honored...

Steven Brown said...

Love poetry. :) I see you have a passion for blogging so I followed you. I hope you can check out my site: and follow to keep in contact. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless!

Steven 0:)

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