Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The state of my heart The state of my mind The state of my soul The state of my body I am here, naked before you You, my world … the world Vulnerable for all the world to see Open to your mockery To your pointed fingers To your jeering laughter As I try in vain to hide my true self Covering my heart and my head This is the state that you YOU have left me in This is where you walked away As soon as you have seen What you wanted to What I had hesitated to show I find, however, that I am not alone And He has come in and covered me He has moved my hands away And spread His love all over me And I am adorned in rainbows And clouds, and joy and peace And love, and light and smiles I am no longer naked You can leave now … the show is over Your apologies are hollow Just like the lies that they are built up on Go away … you who have used and abused The inner me, the inner sanctum that You have vandalized in the name of “CARE” Your words were sweet, at first Now they burn … they burn my ears I see them and I cringe I need for you to leave I am clothed, I am free I am no longer violated You are no longer welcome You will never, ever again See me Naked.

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