Tuesday, April 16, 2013


That place where souls sit and wait For the last few miles to fade before Their dreams come true That corner of the desert where mirages appear Taking your focus away from the goal at hand Mirages that offer sinfully, delightful promises Promises that you know are impossible to keep But promises that reach your soul none the less The people who suck the energy out of your dreams And the bed where you lay the now empty shells In the hopeless hope that they would spring to life Again That place in the mind where you have put yourself Through your constant inaction From your ever present lethargy Caused by your doubt Fed by your indifference Borne of your fear Fear of all that is Imperative… The need for change which happens through Movement Caused by faith Pushed by knowledge That the only constant is The same change And change of all --- Mind-set, atmosphere, surroundings, ALL THINGS All of the things that have Kept you were you are Swimming in the stagnant ooze Of a swamp called Stasis

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