Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I've been tagged by the infamous Slacker-man ... fine!

Having been previously tagged on another blog, I would submit my list and go five (5) more than His Royal Slackness... here goes...

1. My father named the steelband Starlift and was the manager for years - and I cannot play the pan.

2. I am the resident idiot savant of ridiculous trivia for my graduating year at secondary school.

3. I love baking and that's how my company - Decadence - was born.

4. My mother heard me cry in the womb.

5. I have at times given up my own identity to please the grown up boy children (a.k.a. men) who have shared my emotional space - sad ain't it?

6. My middle name is Hazel after TV personality Hazel Ward.

7. I fell in love with being in love and finally learned the difference at 41...

8. I found out that there was no Santa Claus when a brain dead radio host spilled the beans...

9. I believe that chocolate is theGod's gift to PMS-ing women!!!

10. I have survived an attempted date rape.

11. I really do want world peace...

12. When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to marry my cousin Roderick

13. I think I was an Indian in another life - I love curry and all things flour based.

14. I love home made gifts, especially food and desserts.

15. The women who know me best are my other, Gertrude, Natalie, Allana, Karma Renee.

16. I am a cuddle monster ... closeness is important to me.

17. Writing grounds me and keeps me sane.

18. I have a couple of online friends who are closer to me than some of the ones under my nose.

19. Unemployment, weddings, births and deaths show you who your TRUE FRIENDS are.

20. I am the Team Leader of my Church choir.

21. My name - Donna Mae - means Mary our Lady

22. The very thought of HIM makes my heart sing.

23. It too me a while but I finally learned that I am worthy of Love.

24. I was born with a bright pink fingertip on my right middle finger and my Auntie Jay predicted that I would be creative. (Thanks auntie)

25. I am a Psychic Empath.

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