Monday, January 5, 2009



I had a conversation this morning with one of me home girls. We were actually bemoaning the generation that followed us into the world, and after a while I smiled and then giggled to myself as it dawned on me that I – we in fact – had become all the things that we vowed not to … the kind of people who compared our generation to the next.

I do believe that this particular comparison was however warranted.

We were discussing the lack of finesse in the generation after. The finesse I refer to has to do with the relationship tip of life. What has happened to flirting, coquettish batting of eyelashes, side-long glances, suggestive smiles and witty banter and repartee?

Has anyone else noticed that everything sexual, relationship based or even vaguely suggestive is just ‘out there’? Where and when did it change?

I remember the days – God I sound old – when a fella had to guess and do some serious math to know what a particular look from a woman meant or what the touch of her hand meant or even a word or sentence. He had to do the research … ask friends … talk to other females … whatever was needed in order for him to be sure that he wasn’t misreading the signals. And it was the same for us girls at times, although our male counterparts were not and – sorry fellas – still are not as ‘poetic’ as we girls were and are. I mean come on … do any of the young men today have a clue about double entendre and good old fashion punning? Are they no longer paying attention to the men who started it all – James Bond and The Saint?

Conversations from a few years ago went like this

Male: hey beautiful

Female (if responsive): well aren’t you sweet

Male: you have no idea

Female: oh really now … how sweet

Male: I could give you cavities

(poor line we know, but a responsive female would lap this shit up)

Female: good thing I know a good dentist … (here’s where the shifting of position takes place, in order to let the man know that she’s interested, but not so drastic a shift as to give the shit away…)

Male: you have beautiful eyes

Female: thanks … (here comes the fluttering of the eyelashes all of a sudden … the poor man is besotted)

Male: can I buy you a drink?

Female (to continue the mystery): maybe another time

She make then get up and touch his arm as she walks away, just to make contact, ad the poor besotted fool is left there to stare after her or begin questioning the other men there as to who she is and where she can be found again. That is what mystery is all about…

Here’s what that same convo sounds like today

Male: hey

Female: hey

Male: wanna fuck?

Female: sure

Male: my place

Female: no mine – I have waffles…

I mean… come the hell on!

What’s left people??! I yearn for the days of mystery in relationships. I would love to see people actually date instead of just hooking up and being used up.

I long to see young people holding hands and stealing kisses instead of dressing like street walkers and acting like whores on corners – male and female.

I know that this may sound bitter but it’s not bitterness … it’s sadness really… it’s a mourning for the days of gentile behaviour and true love – the kind of love that grew from TAKING THE TIME TO KNOW EACH OTHER…

Where did it all go? Can anybody tell me?

Holla back…

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