Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heart Ramblings Too ...

My heartstrings are tuned

To your tone now

You call to my heart

And you answer me

When I summon you

There is no need for words

Between us – not anymore –

Your beautiful mind

Harkens to mine…

My heart explodes

Like so many

Roman candles

As it comes to grips

With the pain truth

And the truth is

That I am humbled

By the depth of

Your love for me

I am blessed that

You chose to bless me

I am thankful

That we are here

In this time

In this place

Together … as we

Have been in lifetimes past

And grateful that we’ve

Found each other yet again

Through the mists of time …

So long have we

Waited to one again

Connect as one – as we …

So long have we

Searched for each other

So that we can once again

Say to each other

“I love you

those three words

have my life in them”…

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