Friday, December 5, 2008

Looking Into Self, And Loving What We See...

There seems to be some sort of disconnect in our wiring when it comes to accepting and loving ourselves.

The years have taught me that many of us are so uncomfortable with our true selves that we go out of our way to become what the ‘world’ wants us to be. We bend ourselves into pretzels in order to please the people that we consider important to us. What is sad is that there are times when the people we consider important to us, are not the ones who really are.

Have you ever stood before a mirror and looked yourself in the eye? Did you like what you saw? Were your even able to in the first place? Looking oneself in the eye is one of the most difficult exercises, because the one person that we cannot lie to is ourselves.

For years, we have been taught that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, this fact comes shockingly home when we look ourselves in the eye. Our true persona can be seen peeking out from behind our irises. This is the place where all our self loathing, insecurities and doubt reside. This is the place where our hearts break and mend, the place where we store all of the negative self talk and other talk. This is also the place where we keep the negatives that others have sent our way.

Unless we make a conscious decision to let go of the un-pretty, useless and damaging gunk that clogs our souls and dims our inner light, we would continue to be incapable of seeing out true selves, and the first step in seeing we as we is to look ourselves in the eye. No, I’m not crazy … there is something to be said for the ability to look into a mirror and to make eye contact with ourselves, prepared to face whatever looks back at us and willing to accept ourselves with all the flaws, dings and scars of the day to day grind known as life.

Until we make that self-acceptance journey, we will remain unable to become self aware. Self awareness is the point at which we take stock of the good and the bad, and make the decisions that are necessary to move on from here.

Loving yourself is not as complicated as we have been taught that it must be. Loving yourself begins with the conscious decision to love you. It continues with the mindset of acceptance and awareness, and it grows with the knowledge that our inner selves are so much more important than our outer shells which were only given so as to not blind each other with the glow that would emanate from our glorious souls.

Be Blessed…

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