Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As we approach the end of another year, we are once again faced with the challenge of preparing for what lies ahead.

Many of us have made life-changing decisions over the past twelve months – some easily and others that required a lot of soul searching and prayer; even counseling in some cases. There are those of us who have continued to exist and not live, as well as the others who have lived so hard that they are now unsure as to what the next move may be.

The 31st of December in every year can sometimes rain dread into the hearts of some of us mortals because this it usually the time when we promise ourselves and others the moon and the stars in the realm of self modification … we are apt to generate a list of lofty ‘pie-in-the-sky’ ideals and projects, that we know we are not going to attempt. Some of us know this even as we set about writing said lists down.

Last year I made the statement that I was going to make revolutions and not resolutions, and I was able to start a couple revolutions in my life and in the lives of a few that are near and dear to me.

This year I want to make a suggestion for those of us who have finally decided that we are ready to free ourselves of our baggage.

This is an exercise called THE FIRE OF FORGETFULNESS. The premise behind it is that all of the things that you would want to leave behind – bad habits, old lovers, deadweight friendships, former coworkers and bosses – whatever it is that may be eating at your core, you cast into the flames and release them forever. It may be a barbeque pit, a coal-pot, a fireplace … whatever it is that you can get your hands on; make your list as honestly as you can and then after asking your Higher Source and Power for the strength to leave all these things behind, you cast the list into the Fire of Forgetfulness and attempt to begin the year afresh and renewed, knowing that you have put all that may have ailed you, rubbed your spirit raw or even affected the way that you interacted with the ones you love has been cast into the flames of love and renewal.

I would go on to suggest that this be done on New Year’s Eve at some point. Those of us who are able to complete this at midnight should do so … if it has to be done in the day then so be it, but just get it done!

Finally I wish all of you all the best for the coming New Year. I wish you all of your heart’s desires, as well as all that the Master may have planned for you.

Be blessed my loves…

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