Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have given myself permission
To write the way I want to …
I am my own being
Capable of seeing life
In my own quirky way

I have freed myself
To be the individual
That I am
The time has come for me
To let go and to be
True to self

Liberty is mine
In things of the heart
My heart is mine to give
To whomever I choose
Trust is required – win or lose
And I am the only one
Who can make this particular journey

There are things that I must do
And I cannot do them when
Shackled to an idea or a
Dream that is now lost
There arte tears that I must shed
In order to clear away the
Dust and mayhem of an era now closed
There is pain that must be felt
So that the coming joy may be embraced
New horizons that must be faced
So that the newer and freer and
More evolved me may walk
Through shinier doors
And on mirrored floors
That repeat my image as I go
Let the world know
That I am ready and
Finally in tune with the
Frequency of me

Yes I constantly evolve
But now I know that
My life does not revolve
Around the flotsam
My life is a gift from
My higher Source
As such I must assure
That it is not lost
To nay-sayers, hurtful people
And others who minimize my worth

Therefore I now surround my soul
With people of Strength, of Faith
Of Trust, of Understanding, of Life
I let go of Strife
And join with the fates
To enjoy what dreams may come…

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